ProSim Collaborative Platform for Construction Project Planning using Simulation
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Construction Simulation Toolkit (CST)

The CST is implemented as a modular components toolkit built on top of the simulation tool Tecnomatix Plant Simulation from Siemens PLM Software. It provides a set of reusable simulation components with a simple user interface and data integration interfaces for rapid building of process-based simulation models.



Project Template

The main input and output simulation components are combined together as a project template component. Using the project template makes it possible to create simulation models very quickly and to simulate and compare different scenarios of the same construction project in parallel way


BIM Data

This component is responsible for exchanging the BIM related information between the BIM models and the simulation models. It consists of different tables to save the information about the building elements and their geometry and Meta information in a tabular form. The BIM related information can be generated from scratch using the Floor-editor component or imported from IFC models directly using


Floor Editor


This component can be used to create a simplified building model from scratch and export the building element information to BIM-data component.




The MMC component can be used to import and export multimodel containers according to the MMC specifications of Mefisto project.

The Import interface can read a MMC in ZIP format and import the following information: (1) project schedules in RIB iTWO ActivityXML format, (2) Quantity take-off information in RIB iTWO XML format and (3) and Link model QuantitySplit

Resource Pool


The resource pool component used as a container and a manager for all resources inside the simulation model. It can include as many types of resources as necessary for the various construction operations (e.g. labour, equipment, materials, etc.). The resource pool component includes also important setting for daily work time constraints and various calendars for specifying advanced work time constraints, for example day and night shifts, or launch break.


Tower Crane


Draw Tafel


Mit diesem Baustein k├Ânnen 2D Animationen des Bauablaufs erstellt werden. Jeder Bauprozess wird mit einer grafischen Darstellung versehen, die den simulierten Arbeitsfortschritt durch vordefinierte Farben abbildet


Gantt Charts

The Gantt diagram component presents scheduled activities and the logical dependencies between the activities. It can be used for visualization of planed schedules or the simulation results, for example to compare different simulation scenarios (different resources, different primary schedule)

4D Visulaizer


This component provides the ability to visualize and animate the construction progress and state of construction site elements at any time point. 3D models are exported using the standard 3D format COLLADA and the export function can be configured to run based on fixed time intervals or after the finish of certain construction processes. 4D visualization can be generated automatically using the generated 3D models and special post-processing scripts

Project Monitor

This component displays the resource utilization and material consumption graphically during the simulation run, for example, the utilization rates of workers, tower cranes, concrete pumps and material consumption


This component provides visualization methods of simulation results, which help to verify the results quickly and compare different simulation scenarios without the need to go through all simulation numeric outputs.

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